Events in Bangkok

There will not often pass a day without some exciting event happening in Bangkok. Thai especially love the national celebration days in which they often celebrate a royal anniversary or honor the Buddha. During the years are many popular cultural events and festivals settled down in Bangkok. Here some idea’s of exciting events or, stumble upon one of the huge festivals/events yourself.

The Thai and Chinese New Year are extensively celebrated in the city with long costumed parades in China Town in February and big water fights during the Thai new year in April. So make sure you have your water pistol ready. New Years eve at the 31st of December can be truly impressive through the enormous firework shows.

Most restaurants of Bangkok will show yellow flags in October, indicating that they are participants of the Vegetarian Festival, for the best vegetarian recipes you should visit Chinatown. Another Thai event is the Loy Krathong festival when the waterways of Bangkok are filled with little lights and flowers. It’s not only an offer to Buddha but also resulting in magical sights in November. Furthermore there are free concerts being held in the park and the international Jazz festival is every year again a big happening.

Of course there is much more to see and to do in the capital, think of artistic exhibitions, food fairs, music and theater performances, fashion shows and much more. Many foreign festivals are celebrated as well, especially commercialized by the huge malls. Have fun while exploring the diverse, vibrating city!

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