Hua Hin is the ideal beach destination for a trip outside the busy city center of Bangkok. Easily reachable within three hours’, has Hua Hin lots to offer. Think of the white and sandy beaches, lively markets, peaceful nature spots and exciting water parks. Not spoiled by tourism yet – is this authentic Thai venue the place to visit for young and old.

Bangkok to Hua Hin


Hua Hin is primarily known as a beach destination featuring many water% activities such as jet skiing, kite surfing and horse riding along the coast with numerous seafood restaurants introducing you to the best fishes of the sea. However, Hua Hin has much more to offer you. Available are the well-maintained golf fields for low fees and exciting attraction parks such as the ATV park for quad races and the new Vana Nava Water Park with impressive waterslides.

Furthermore, there are many architectonical sites to visit like the huge palaces of the King, Buddhist temples, the old railway station of Hua Hin and lovely shopping venues like the PlearnWan Vintage Shopping Village and fancy Venezia. Don’t miss out on the lively night – and floating market where you can get the best Thai foods and clothing or visit one of the shopping malls. Last but not least there is the refreshing nature of national parks full of wild animals, waterfalls and caves inviting you for a walk or romantic picnic.

Where to stay

The beachfront spa resort, The Rock Hua Hin, is a newly renovated stylish beach resort next to the sea. The intimate and elegant resort is featuring a unique swimming pool with view upon the sea and is consists of spacious/modern rooms, suites and villa’s in the surrounding of white beaches and lively villages.

Hua Hin Beach

The Rock beachfront resort has many modern features. You can enjoy a private dinner in one of the luxurious rooms ranging from Gala Deluxe to Qualia Jacuzzi Pool Villa or indulge yourself in the spacious swimming pool while feeling the heat of the sun. Moreover you can take a herbal health treatment in the Cave & Wellness Spa and relaxing massage to release all the tension in your muscles. The Sheashell restaurant and pool bar are ready to serve you with a refreshing coconut drink or delicious Thai meal. Book Hua Hin!



Hua Hin is facing some seasonality although many Westerners will refer to the weather as being hot or very hot. Because Hua Hin is quite centrally located is the weather quite constant throughout all seasons. Temperatures are rather low from November to February with as average about 25 degrees, with seldom any rain, it is referred to as the cool/dry season. The following months March to June are part of the hot season with high temperatures leveling up to more than 35 degrees during daytime. It could rain in the afternoons but it least never longer than an hour. Rain showers occur more frequently during the rainy season from July to October with slightly lower temperatures. However, as a result of the geographically beneficial location, Hua Hin is NOT facing the intense, long lasting rain showers – as in other parts of Thailand – but copes with some short rain showers in the afternoons. The area is nevertheless more quite, surroundings are much greener and the short but intense rain showers are an experience in itself. In short, whenever you come, Hua Hin is perfect for a relaxing holiday!

How to get there

The trendy beach destination is reachable by VIP coach, bus or train, starting from Bangkok.

  1. The VIP coach will leave directly from the Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok (at level 1, gate 8) and brings you in about 3,5 hours to Hua Hin. Tickets can be bought at the airport or at their websites.
  2. The second option is an air-conditioned bus departing every 30 min. from the Southern terminal in Bangkok which will cost less than 100 Baht. The journey will take about three hours.
  3. Lastly you can consider taking the train which will take less than four hours. The most comfortable train journey will be the special express train (sprinter, no.40) costing about 400 baht.

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